Spoil Me Rotten

Hawaiian Retreat Massage with warm lava stones for the back followed by our "oh so decadent" 30 minute ultimate coconut oil foot massage with warm wraps. 1.5 Hour Package $135

The Royal Treatment

Enjoy 2 full hours of pure bliss. Let us treat you to our ahh-mazing Hawaiian Retreat Massage with warm lava stones for the back followed by our Arctic Berry Illumination facial to bring out your true radiance. You are bound to feel like royalty. 2 Hours $180

Total Indulgence

Longing for more? The Total Indulgence package delivers complete intoxication with the Lavender aromatherapy massage designed to help you unplug. Then get your glow on with the Strawberry Fields antioxidant facial followed by Berries & Cream treat for hands and feet. 2.5 Hours $220 


Take a deep breathe, then exhale. Settle in for 3 hours of absolute inner peace. Your journey begins with our 90 min Hawaiian Retreat massage with warm lava stones for the back then followed with our Arctic Berry Illumination facial to brighten up your complexion and your day. Just when you didn't want your experience to end you will be treated to 30 minutes of pure delight with our Cloud 9 treatment for hands and feet. You might just need a designated driver. 3 Hours $275

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